River Safety at The Thames with Dittons Skiff and Punting Club

At present when Environment Agency Yellow Boards are displayed members wanting to punt must get approval from one member of the River Safety Panel. The River Safety Panel is made up of experienced members who between them cover all current and recognised boating times. River safety at The Thames is our priority.

Panel members base their decision on the following criteria:

Websites with updates on river conditions

Board Warnings https://www.gov.uk/guidance/river-thames-current-river-conditions

There are two sites that can be monitored for river speed at Kingston


The site that updates circa every 15 mins is below: https://environment.data.gov.uk/flood-monitoring

Weather Conditions i.e. any Storm warnings/Wind against current


Competence, Experience and Strength of the member(s) seeking approval including coxes

The safety with which boats can be launched and returned to the hard.

Other conditions to take into account

    • On Red Boards there is no punting.
    • Yellow Boards the guidelines below must be followed.
    • Members must comply with the River Safety notices displayed on the boat house doors.
    • Must WRITE the name of crew and time of outing on blackboard hanging on boat house door.
    • Must REMOVE name from Blackboard on returning from outing.

    Panel members have the final say on whether punting is safe to do with the river conditions.

    If members are made aware of the decision making, then they can check for themselves on the various web sites as to whether or not an outing may be possible before they ask a Panel Member

Safety and Confidence on the River

Here are pointers that will assist in gaining more confidence on the river.
If you are unsure about any aspects of safety on the river, please ask an experienced club member.
All members should be familiar with the Code for River Safety, and pay particular attention when the Environment Agency Warning Boards (Yellow or Red) are displayed at Teddington Lock.

Identical Yellow or Red warning boards will be displayed at the club for information of members. This information can also be obtained from the River Condition Environment Agency link shown below in red.

This code is mandatory to all and is displayed on the boat shed doors. For the avoidance of doubt, when the Environment Agency Red Warning Board applies, no  punting is allowed.

If you are unsure, please seek advice.