Come along and try punting

The Thursday evening Taster Sessions include punting, so come along and have a try! Punting is great fun. It is also the most elegant and skilful of the traditional summer sports. Dittons has been an active punting club from inception and has provided many champions – including both the current men’s and women’s amateur champions with the club also winning the Morris trophy for the best punting club on the Thames. Join us for skiffing and punting at the Dittons.

There are two types of racing punts – 2 foots as the name describes -2 foot wide and around 30 feet long, and Bests which can be of any width but typically 14inches and again around 30 feet long. Both are narrower than traditional leisure punts as seen in Oxford and Cambridge and are punted from the well in the punt not the sterns.

Punts are flat bottomed but are typically raced on an edge to maximise speed and control. It probably takes longer to become a good punter than a good skiffer but the rewards are many. Punters face forward and the sport requires mental and physical agility with both body and mind getting a good workout as you read the river ahead and the bottom below!

There are around a dozen punting regattas a year often in conjunction with skiffing but alongside that we have pop up events and an annual meander. Racing is in singles and doubles, male, female and mixed and there are events for juniors. Excellent coaching and continuous encouragement is available all summer long from club members. Our aim throughout is to make punting enjoyable and inclusive.

Inevitably people think about falling in – we have all been there – but in reality you soon learn how to avoid that! Moreover there can be few pleasures greater than punting in the still of the evening (or morning) silently gliding along.

Dittons Punt Racing

Punt Racing at Dittons

Most of the summer sprint regattas hold a punt racing programme and DSPC always fields strong crews. Punt racing is handicapped to make racing fair and close and it is fiercely umpired!

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From the 8 th of April Monday evenings are punting night at Dittons. From 6 pm till dusk we welcome anyone new to the sport as well as train and generally enjoy the river.

We also have punting available to try on a Thursday as part of our taster sessions from 16 th May to end August from 6.30 pm.

Suitable clothing would be comfortable sports kit, old trainers and spare clothes to change into in case of (unusually) falling in. We punt on the shallow edge of the river but punting is a water sport and we do ask that you can swim. Throughout the summer we take “pub away-days” trips up and down stream when good weather is forecast for the weekend.

New members are very welcome. No need to book, just turn up at the clubhouse on Monday evenings - 6 pm onwards. April to October. Please contact our VC Punting to find out more
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