Junior rowing at The Thames

Dittons runs an active and fun junior group every Sunday morning from 10 am. This is a busy session and can be over subscribed, if you are interested please contact juniors@dittons.org.uk and we can advise if we have spaces at the time. Join us for a fun junior rowing at The Thames.

We start new juniors once a month on the first Sunday of the month, this enables us to run an introduction to the club, show round and also some initial training as a group.

The starting age for juniors at Dittons is 8. They will initially learn to row in a dinghy, on their first outing we will review if they are tall and strong enough to move the blades effectively. If not, they can continue to come to the sessions and go out on the river with other children, but in the cox’s seat accompanied by an adult. Doing this they will still learn about river safety and general river knowledge and can still enjoy the river.

Children aged 8 to 10 go out in dinghies, they must wear buoyancy aids.

Children aged 11 and over go out in skiffs. Buoyancy aids are not required as long as the child is a confident and capable swimmer.

Outings are usually between Hampton Court Bridge and just downstream of Thames Ditton Island. Sometimes they go further but this is when crews go out as a group.

We also hold a junior regatta once a year at the club; this includes racing for children of all ages, whether it be in dinghies or skiffs. It is great fun, with children racing with others of a similar age or with older children from the club.

Juniors who skiff have the opportunity to take part in racing in regattas at other clubs throughout the summer. We will prior to the season starting establish which children are interested, establish crews for racing and will arrange race practice.

Junior Sessions

Start promptly at 10 am on a Sunday and finish at 12.00 pm.

This is usually over subscribed so if interested please contact captain@dittons.org.uk and we can advise if we have spaces at the time.

River Safety Information